Volleyball Performance Training

Volleyball Performance Training

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 Learn the fundamentals. Exercise good footwork and rules to perform each skill - serving, hitting, passing, setting, digging, blocking, and communicating. Learn how to self-correct - Body control = Ball control. 

 As a provider in technical instruction, we take pride in offering the best volleyball training possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our student-athletes every day.

 We offer training for 1-on-1, partners, groups, teams, as well as clinics/camps.

Volleyball Performance Training

Camps and Clinics

Ball Control Camp:

For this camp, we've brought in the big dawgs to bring a more holistic approach to training!

>1st up: Airrosti
At Airrosti, they focus on diagnosing the root cause of your pain, then work to help resolve that pain as quickly as possible. Airrosti has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to rehabilitate the shoulder, back, knees, and other soft tissue injuries in a very short period of time. 
>Next Up: I believe that's me! Love, VB
This is not a typical skills-building camp. This camp is designed to challenge our players mentally and physically. Like you, I'd like our players to be self-aware, smart, confident, controlled, and coachable. SO, I've asked these guys for a little assistance to make it happen. Airrosti and NCC in the place to be!
>Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor and esteemed privilege to present to you…
Neely Counseling Center!
They are mental health company utilizing their passion & experience to break the stigma of mental health. Truth be told, we do check-ups for everything from our teeth to our car, why not our mental health? Their idea is that mental health care should be preventive, not reactive. I agree!

This is why LVB has combined with Airrosti and Neely Counseling Center to provide a next-level training experience. This camp addresses injury prevention, performance optimization, and recovery.


This camp offers fundamental training in mechanics, technique, and tactical application. This clinic teaches and trains volleyball fundamentals for beginners and those with some introductory experience. A wide range of skill levels is acceptable and expected. This is the perfect beginning volleyball experience. In addition to this fundamental training, players can advance specific skill areas at one of our other summer clinics/camps.


This clinic is designed to develop more controlled power hitters and deliver important repetitions on 3rd ball executions. This clinic addresses proper hitting mechanics (to include injury prevention of the shoulder, back, and knees), techniques, visual training, offensive strategies, and adjusting to difficult scenarios. 
This course is beneficial to athletes who are fairly consistent and desire more for their hitting performance. All participants are instructed in the basics of hitting and are progressed to advanced training including footwork, hand posture, contact of the ball, and more.


Positions: 4 S, 4OH/RS, 4M
This clinic is designed to work on the setter-hitter connection. Setters work on tempo and location, hitters focus on the essential skills needed to become successful middle hitter/ Outside and Right side hitters. The clinic offers both offensive techniques and strategies.


This course is beneficial to athletes interested in trying out for H.S. All participants will receive fundamental instruction and reps in serving, communication, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and defense.

 When you truly love someone or something there is nothing or no one more important, and it shows. The extra attention, time, and effort you invest, is your heart's desire. There is a genuine, authentic aura/vibe that emanates. These are the individuals that stand out and are noticed above the others.

 A serious athlete won't have to be pushed or pulled to put in work, because they love the 'grind' (aka practice/training).

If you love it, you live it!

Coach Floyd Love

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