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Limitless Sports Academy, (LSA) was founded by Frank Gilford in 2015. Frank has over 15 years of experience in the recruiting industry. He is a former professional boxer who moved his passion from the ring to high school recruiting.

Since LSA’s inception, the number of recruits has grown exponentially. Despite this growth, LSA has a 97% commit rate. This commit rate rivals many national recruiting platforms. This high commit rate is where the similarity of LSA and other recruiting platforms ends. Limitless Sports Academy has grown quickly from just having the recruiting platform to now offering college-level performance training, VertiMax Speed & Quickness Development, and Jump Training Development.
Frank saw the problem with the national platforms. They were impersonal, financially driven, and lacked strategies to improve the athlete. Thus, 

Three-phase (3P) recruiting, college-level performance training,  and Speed & Agility Development. LSA has obtained individual leaders in multiple disciplines to develop a program that not only creates an athlete profile but provides that athlete with college-level sport-specific training to ensure the athlete and their family have the best opportunity to achieve their goals. This unique knowledge of what is required to play at the next level is provided by a staff who have either played or coached at the collegiate level. or have at least 10-15 years of coaching experience. 

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