Our Team

  • Frank Gilford

    Owner/Director of

    Limitless Sports Academy

    Limitless Sports Academy, (LSA) was founded by Frank Gilford in 2015. Frank has over 15 years of experience in the recruiting industry. He is a former professional boxer who moved his passion from the ring to high school sports recruiting.

    Since LSA’s inception, the number of recruits has grown exponentially. Despite this growth, LSA has maintained a 97% commit rate. This commit rate rivals many national recruiting platforms. This high commit rate is where the similarity of LSA and other recruiting platforms ends. Limitless Sports Academy has grown quickly from just having the recruiting platform to now offering college-level performance training, VertiMax Speed & Quickness Development, and Jump Training Development.
    Frank saw the problem with the national platforms. They were impersonal, financially driven, and lacked strategies to improve the athlete.

     LSA has obtained individual leaders in multiple sports disciplines to help develop a high performance, more streamlined training programs that will not only challenge your athlete's mind but will also develop your athletes' skillset with college-level sport-specific training. 

  • Ana Chapa

    Managing Partner

    Limitless Sports Academy


  • Sara Alvarez

    Managing Partner

    Limitless Sports Academy

    Sara Alvarez is our Director of Business Operations. She has years of experience in financial management. Sara also handles client relations.  Sara and her family are from El Salvador.  They moved to Texas for a better life.  They have made San Antonio, TX their home.  For a few years, Sara lived in California.  While there, she coached girl's Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, and was an assistant to the Girl's Cheer Team.  Her passion has always been her family and her church and now LSA.  She will always welcome you with a smile. 

  • Floyd Love

    Owner Love, VB/Dir. of  Volleyball

    Limitless Sports Academy

    A decade of experience coaching competitive volleyball teams for quality USA Volleyball Club programs in the Lone Star/North Texas Region. Managing athletic programs, training, and developing talent at the middle school, freshman, J.V, and Varsity levels.


    Coach Floyd is a technical trainer and teaches the basic fundamentals of every skill, as well as high-performance techniques for more advanced players in every position. He’s been coaching/training VB for about 15yrs. He took his first coaching accredited program at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He also received a certification through the American Coaching Academy. He’s coached club on all levels from local to national teams. Currently, he is a VB Trainer with Love, VB LLC, and is the South Texas regional VB Power hitting trainer for Powercore360. He also coaches H.S. camps for Gold Medal Squared during the summer.


    What do you enjoy about the work you do?

    I'm very passionate about this sport. I enjoy training on each skill. My greatest joy is seeing players obtain their goals and grow to have the same love I have for the sport.


    • Member with American Volleyball Coaches Association 2005

    • USA Volleyball, LS Region Provisional Ref / Impact certified

    • United States Olympic Training Center, Cap I Clinic completed 2006

    • Assistant Camp Coach for VB Mentor, 3X Gold Medalist Pat Powers 2007-Present

    • American Coaching Academy certification program completed in 2013


  • Sean Salais

    Indoor/Sand Volleyball Coach 

    Limitless Sports Academy

    We are extremely excited about having Coach Sean on board. Coach Sean has been coaching and training indoor volleyball for over 15 years. He also has been coaching sand volleyball for at least 7 years. Coach brings passion, energy, and focus to  LSA.  He trains all levels of volleyball including the college level.

  • Rudy Mendevil

    Owner RTI/ I T Director

    Limitless Sports Academy

    When you’re looking for professionalism and dedication, Rudy Mendivil is there for you. As a professional I.T Developer, Rudy makes sure that LSA is running smoothly internally. He designs creates and customizes s applications to meet LSA's business and functional requirements.  Which are.  Rudy is the oil that keeps LSA running smoothly.

  • Xavier Alcala

    Owner 30 & 2/ EMT

    EMT Limitless Sports Academy

    Having Xavier Alcala on the team is a huge blessing for LSA, our parents, and athletes. He has been an EMT for 12 years. Xavier was born in El Paso, TX, and
    moved to San Antonio in 2017. He has 2 boys,  a 3-year-old, and a 1-year-old.  Xavier currently works at ShurMed EMS as the Day Coordinator and goes to school online for my nursing degree.

    Xavier also has a CPR business called 30and2 in
    which he teaches CPR, First Aid, and AED.  Xavier is definitely a great addition to our teams.

  • Arianna Alvarado

    College Athlete/Hitting/DS Coach

    Limitless Sports Academy

     A native of San Antonio, Texas, Ari Alvarado is a graduate of St. Anthony High School. A sophomore education major, delivered 10 kills in 17 attempts with only three hitting errors as the Lady Rams collectively hit .264. The sophomore was one of four players on her team toting an attack percentage over .400.

    Awards and Accolades

    NAIA Commissioner's honor roll list 2019

    NAIA All-SAC 2019

    1st-team/Freshman of the Year 2019

  • Emily DeHoyos

    College Athlete /Setting/DS Coach

    Limitless Sports Academy

    Emily is currently a Sophomore at Schreiner University. She plays collegiate volleyball for their program, She has the responsibility of the setter/DS position. A graduate of the  Young Women’s Leadership Academy,

    If the song “started from the bottom now we’re here” was put into perspective, it would be Emily's life. She has definitely rolled with all the battles of not getting recruited through her high school program and worked twice as hard through club volleyball. Emily's hard work eventually paid off.  She was the recipient of a full-ride scholarship with the opportunity of playing the sport She loves. Although it’s been a long and difficult process, Emily is thriving in her new environment. We are very happy to have Emily as part of our coaching and development team.

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